Fermenter Change of Heart

June 7th, 2013
By: Brew

I have to admit, I am a glass carboy lover. Yes they are more dangerous and yes they are more expensive but something about them just feels right as compared to a plastic bucket or plastic bottle. However I am also extremely lazy and like to make everything as simple as possible.

One of the brewers in the local beer club asked if I had ever used the plastic buckets with a spigot. I told him I had, but only for bottling, never to ferment in. Long story short, he convinced me to give the bottling bucket a try as the fermenter.


They have some major upsides, while I still use glass a lot I find myself slowly switching over. 

Here is why:


Its not all rainbows and sunshine though, on the downside:


While I still use the glass carboys also I have given into the lazy ways of the plastic buckets with bottling spigots.

On a side note, why would anyone ever use a better bottle plastic carboy? It seems like the worst of both worlds.